Corporate Training 2015

by English Today on 30 May, 2015
Corporate Training 2015

A busy year with our corporate training and meeting with potential clients for Cambridge Business English Certifications courses for over 20 Corporate Clients.

This training workshop is aimed to help executives improve their knowledge of Grammar in a business context to allow them to work better in teams and to communicate more effectively There are three exams in the Cambridge English: Business Certificates (BEC) suite of exams. Each one is targeted at a different level and Cambridge English: Business Preliminary is the first of these exams. The content for each exam is based on everyday work and business tasks and is designed to develop your business English skill.

Our fun-filled June and December Literacy Alive! Workshops, exploring stories such as Rio 2, Big Hero 6, and Mockingjay via acting, dancing, baking, writing and more! What a great way to learn!