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Corporate Language Classes

English Today can work with you to improve the English skills of your staff. In order to understand your specific training needs, feel free to contact us to find out more.

English Enrichment

The English Enrichment program aims to help school children develop a firmer grasp of the English Language. The four branches of language will be explored and examined, namely - listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our lessons focus on applying those skills where pupils will be exposed to tasks and approaches of growing complexity, requiring them to use what they have learnt.

Focus on Literacy

The Focus on Literacy program is designed to provide school children with the knowledge about language and how it works. The program teaches students to use, think about and analyse language and to develop strategies for composing, comprehending and responding to texts. Effective literacy is intrinsically purposeful, flexible and dynamic and continues to develop throughout your child' s lifetime.

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing programme is designed to help our students develop a firm grasp of the writing skills essential for the effective presentation of their ideas. In this course our students will develop their knowledge and skills for masterful writing and most importantly experience writing as a positive experience.

Speak UP!

The Speech & Drama programme is an ongoing enrichment course to help our students communicate effectively in English Language. This is achieved through a variety of Speech & Drama based activities which will give children a firm grasp of the basics of effective speech and help them become more confident communicators.

Public Speaking

The Public Speaking course will help students develop techniques and strategies for effective speaking in public and presenting presentations. A variety of relevant contemporary topics will be discussed every forum to allow our students to build their knowledge as well as speaking confidence.

Reading and Language Arts

The Reading and Language Arts program aims to improve reading fluency, a wide range of related areas like speaking, accurate listening and critical thinking are also developed simultaneously.

Exam-preparatory Classes

Our examination oriented English course is specially designed to help students prepare for the challenges of the UPSR, PMR, SPM, SAT, IGCSE and Cambridge ESOL examinations.